Terror Suspects in South Africa

Individuals listed below are South African citizens who have faced allegations of having links to Al-Qaeda or the Islamic State. Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie, Ahmad “Bazooka” Mussa, Sayfydeen Aslam Del Vecchio and Fatima Patel are the only suspects behind bars awaiting trial, facing allegations of links to the Islamic State under the Protection of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorist and Related Activities Act 33 of 2004. Other South African citizens have faced allegations of links to terrorist organisations by the United States (U.S) Treasury Department, Homeland Security and allegedly found in the company of Al-Qaeda operatives in Pakistan by U.S forces. While it’s important to collate these accounts, in the absence of any successful convictions, individuals listed below ought to be considered suspects.

The following individuals are foreign nationals who were resident in South Africa and suspected of having links to terrorist organisations. All but one is still at large while the others either returned to their home countries, were detained, tried and convicted or tortured and subsequently killed.

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