I had the pleasure of attending a seminar on Addressing the Threat of Violent Extremism in Southern Africa late last month with the expectation that it would perhaps offer a crash course on exactly what’s going on with regards to the emerging group in Mozambique. Quite interestingly however, it appeared the group had the distinguished […]

Every year since the tragic events of 9/11 when nearly 3000 innocent American citizens lost their lives as a result of a terror attack planned and instigated by Al-Qaeda, countless articles are written about the terrorist organisation, as the events marked a watershed moment in the field of security studies, which precipitated a so-called War […]

Over the past year and a half, I’ve taken a keen interest in the international dynamics of African terrorist organisations. This is due to the fact that the literature on African terrorism has offered three major lines of inquiry: a rehashing of major incidents, analyses of local factors contributing to the emergence of terrorist organisations, […]