Saud Memon

Alias/es: None

Status: Deceased (2007)

Organisation/s: Al-Qaeda (suspected)

Nationality/ies: Pakistani

Travel History: Pakistan, South Africa, Unknown

Skills/Education/Occupation: Businessman dealing in yarn and textiles.

Saud Memon was wanted for his involvement in the killing of American Wall Street Journal journalist, Daniel Pearl, who was beheaded by Al-Qaeda linked terrorists on property belonging to Memon. It’s been widely reported that Memon was in South Africa in 2003 for a business trip before he was abducted by unknown foreign intelligence agents. Memon’s whereabouts have been unclear since then, with reports stating he was detained and tortured in Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) black sites, others claiming he was being held in Guantanamo Bay or in the custody of Pakistani intelligence at least a year or so before his death in 2007 when his body was dumped outside his family home in Karachi.

Memon’s detention and likely torture following his illegal extradition from South Africa formed part of several cases of the state’s complicity in torture, inhumane and degrading treatment of suspected terrorist (collaborators). This is in light of the 2001 ruling on (Kalfan Khamis) Mohammed vs President of the Republic of South Africa which prohibited the state from extraditing suspects who may face the death penalty.

Featured Image Source: Saud Memon

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