Rashid Moosagie

Alias/es: None

Status: Unknown

Organisation/s: Islamic State

Nationality/ies: South African

Travel History: Syria

Skills/Education/Occupation: Cleric

In January 2015, Rashid Moosagie immigrated to Syria and joined the Islamic State. He left the city of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape province with his wife and three children, leaving the circle of clerics and a city where he had served for more than 30 years. In April 2015, an electronic circular regarding Rashid’s alleged involvement in a recruitment ring was found following an incident in which a teenage girl in Cape Town was prevented from leaving to join the Islamic State. It stated “devout students of Mufti Rashid based in Port Elizabeth are actively recruiting young naïve and impressionable youngsters to join their group and migrate to Syria.”

Attempts by his brother, Allie Moosagie, to reconsider his allegiance to the Islamic State have since been unsuccessful. In an open letter circulating in May 2015, Moosagie condemned South African Muslims for their lack of bravery and devotion to their faith and the plight of Muslims in Syria, stating:

“You don’t experience true pain like us here. Just a few weeks ago, about 2.5km from us, these kufaar Americans sent in drones to locate a masjid. The fighter jets followed and tried to bomb this masjid but missed striking an adjacent block of flats, wiping out three families. Brothers you don’t know what real pain is, to see a mother frantically running back to her bombed down apartment, screaming hysterically to her children whose faint screams under masses of rubble dwindle into a silence never to be heard again.

But you don’t utter ONE word of disapproval, which leads us to believe that that you are quite happy with these cruel attacks and bombing. You simply say: “Yes we condemn them…” But that too is a lie to soothe you. Did you publically condemn them like how you publically condemn Dowla? If so, then please oblige and show me ONE article or even a phone chat. But you are willing to condemn us for hours on end. I ask you to mount any mimbar for only one day in any masjid and speak out against America, but you won’t dare anger this idol. By condemning the jihad, Dowla, the muhajireen and mujahedeen you clearly demonstrate your lack of fear for Allah and your great fear for this idol. This is absolute shirk! I have never heard you deliver one violent lecture condemning America as you so ferociously condemn us. In fact senior ulema in Port Elizabeth and SA have stooped to gutter level spitting out against us, yet they cannot even whimper against Taghoot America

In 2016, Moosagie’s family reached out to the South African embassy in Turkey requesting assistance after Moosagie’s son, Eesa, was shot in the head leaving him in a coma.

Eesa is believed to have been in active combat, as he shared some of his activities on Facebook, including “behead[ing] an infidel”.

It’s currently unclear where Moosagie or his family are since their last contact with South African embassy in Turkey in 2016.

Featured Image Source(s): Facebook Page Shows PE Man Celebrating ISIS Beheading – Now He Wants To Come Back Home; Family want Isis executioner brought home to SA

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