Mohammed Yassar Gulzar

Alias/es: None

Status: Unknown

Organisation/s: None

Nationality/ies: British

Travel History: South Africa, Mauritius, Belgium

Skills/Education/Occupation: Unknown

Mohammed Yassar Gulzar is one of 3 organisers involved in a plot to blow up transatlantic jets bound for the United States (US) and Canada between August and October 2006. Gulzar married his wife, Zora Saddique, in South Africa, where he obtained a passport under the name ‘Altaf Ravat’. Gulzar returned to the United Kingdon (UK) in July 2006 with his wife under the guise of being newly weds continuing their honeymoon having returned from their brief stay in Mauritius. However, Gulzar was arrested just hours before his other two accomplices on the 9th of August 2006 at an unfurnished house in Barking, East London that was allegedly used for their operations.

Featured Image Source: ‘Shadowy’ terrorist sent to UK for jet bomb plot posed as a honeymooner on false passport

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