Mohammed Atef

Alias/es: al-Khabir; Taysir Abdullah; Abu Khadijah; Abu Fatima

Status: Deceased (2001)

Organisation/s: Al-Qaeda

Nationality/ies: Egyptian

Travel History: Sudan (1992); Kenya; Afghanistan

Skills/Education/Occupation: Agricultural engineer

Mohammed Atef was a member of the Egyptian Air Force and agricultural engineer in Egypt before joining the Afghan-Soviet war in the 80s where he met Osama bin Laden and several founders of what would eventually be Al-Qaeda. Between 1992 and 1996, Atef traveled East Africa, arriving in Sudan to facilitate the deployment and management of Al-Qaeda operatives in Somalia and Kenya, which included giving Mohammed Saddiq Odeh with starting capital to start a business intended to fund their operations. In 1996, Atef became Osama bin Laden’s deputy after Abu Ubaidah al-Banshiri drowned in a ferry accident. Two months before the U.S embassy attacks, Atef sent Osama bin Laden a fatwa issued by sheikhs in Afghanistan justifying attacks against American citizens, thus implicating him with knowledge and possible involvement in the event.

Atef was eventually killed by a U.S airstrike in Afghanistan in 2001.

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