Khalid Mehmood Rashid

Alias/es: None

Status: Unknown

Organisation/s: Al-Qaeda (suspected)

Nationality/ies: Pakistani

Travel History: South Africa

Skills/Education/Occupation: Unknown

In 2005, Khalid Mahmood Rashid was arrested by South African Police Services (SAPS) at his Durban home by orders of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). Rashid was wanted for his alleged links to the London Underground bombings of July 7, 2005. Rashid’s case garnered attention following allegations he was illegally handed over to British intelligence services and flown out on a chartered flight from the Waterkloof airforce base to an undisclosed location.

After DHA missed a court issued deadline in May 2006 to disclose the whereabouts of Rashid, his advocate, Zehir Omar, accused the DHA of fabricating reports Rashid was extradited to Pakistan. This raised questions around the South African government’s breach of the UN Convention Against Torture (and even it’s own Constitutional Court ruling in (Khalfan Khamis) Mohamed vs the President of the Republic of South Africa the case of Ibrahim Tantoush and Saud Memon).

Rashid was last seen before a ‘Review Board’ in Islamabad in April 2007.

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