Jehad Serwan Mostafa

Alias/es: Ahmed Gurey; Ahmed; Abu Anwar al-Muhajir; Abu Abdullah al-Muhajir

Status: Active

Organisation/s: Al-Shabaab

Nationality/ies: American

Travel History: Yemen; Somalia (2005)

Skills/Education/Occupation: Explosives expert; Bachelors degree in economics from University of California, San Diego.

Jehad Serwan Mostafa is alleged to have traveled to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab in December 2005. Mostafa allegedly served as a chief propagandist of Al-Shabaab’s media wing and became a military instructor and leader of the group’s foreign fighters, training militants in insurgent tactics and explosives. By 2009, Mostafa faced 3 charges of providing material support to a terrorist organisation by the U.S Justice Department. In 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) renewed their efforts in their search of Mostafa, affirming the $5 million reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

Mostafa is currently the most wanted and most senior ranking U.S citizen in a terrorist organisation to date.

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