Farhad Hoomer

Alias/es: None

Status: Released

Organisation/s: Islamic State (suspected)

Nationality/ies: South African

Travel History: Unknown

Skills/Education/Occupation: Unknown

Farhad Hoomer is one of 12 men accused of being involved in the attack on the Imam Hussain Mosque and the planting of incendiary devices in shopping centers around Durban between May and October 2018.

In October 2018, Hoomer was arrested at his home in Reservoir Hills in Durban. According to the police affidavit, Hoomer’s house was allegedly being used as a training camp where Islamic State DVDs were found.

In September 2019, senior State prosecutor, Mahen Naidu, told Verulam’s magistrate’s court that the State would grant Hoomer’s application for his bail conditions to be relaxed to allow for business travel. This was on condition that he were to travel to China only, for no more than seven days after providing the investigating officer with a full account of his travel details.

On the 13th of July Hoomer and the other 11 accused were released by Verulam Magistrate’s Court.

Featured Image Source(s): Alleged Isis ‘mastermind’ in Durban allowed to travel to China for business; Verulam mosque device ‘not a bomb’; Authorities probe ‘bomb’ devices found in Durban; WATCH | No arrests yet in Durban explosives mystery

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