Dulyadin Gamadhere

Alias/es: Mohamed Mohamud, Mohamed Kuno and Gamadhere

Status: Deceased (2016)

Organisation/s: Al-Shabaab

Nationality/ies: Kenyan

Travel History: Kenya; Somalia

Skills/Education/Occupation: Former headmaster

Dulyadin Gamadhere was a former headmaster of a madrasa in Garissa county in Kenya. He is believed to have moved to Somalia at the height of the Islamic Courts rise and control of Mogadishu in around 2006. The years that followed saw Dulyadin rise to the rank of a commander within Al-Shabaab and became the mastermind of the Garissa University attack on 2 April 2015 which led to 148 deaths and 79 injuries. In June 2016, Dulyadin was killed in a raid by Somali special forces.

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