Aden Hashi Farah Ayro

Alias/es: None

Status: Deceased (2008)

Organisation/s: Islamic Courts; Al-Shabaab

Nationality/ies: Somali

Travel History: Afghanistan

Skills/Education/Occupation: Explosives, insurgent tactics

Aden Hashi Farah Ayro is said to have began his militant career in 1996 in the Battle of Dolow City alongside Mukhtar Robow (Abu Monsoor) and Hassan Abdullah Hersi al-Turki against Ethiopian forces in Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya’s (AIAI) last ditch attempt at securing its stronghold. This was one of the earliest events which saw Al-Qaeda operatives actively participate in a battle alongside a Somali Islamist insurgency. This event was significant for Ayro, as it may have been when he established ties with the leader of AIAI’s military wing, Hassan Dahir Aweys and Al-Qaeda operatives who may have had a hand in their selection to train alongside Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan during the U.S invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

Upon return in 2003, Ayro became one of the founding members of Al-Shabaab, gathering remnants of the AIAI network under the fold of the Islamic Courts and soon becoming its first commander of training. In May 2008 Ayro was killed in a U.S airstrike.

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