Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah

Alias/es: Abu Mohamed Al-Masri; Abu Muhammad al Masri; Saleh; Abu Mariam; Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Ali; Abu Mohammed

Status: Deceased (2020)

Organisation/s: Al-Qaeda

Nationality/ies: Egyptian

Travel History: Afghanistan; Kenya; Somalia; Pakistan; Iran

Skills/Education/Occupation: Unknown

Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah was an Al-Qaeda operative wanted for his involvement in the U.S embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Abdullah allegedly worked with Saif al-Adel to deploy Al-Qaeda operatives to Somalia to train Islamist militants between 1992 and 1993. In doing so, Abdullah also allegedly provided Mohammed Saddiq Odeh with forged passports to travel to Afghanistan before he made his way to Somalia. Abdullah fled from Kenya to Pakistan shortly before the U.S embassy attacks. Abdullah went on to establish himself as one of Osama bin Laden’s closest confidants and became a member of the Shura Council, placing him in line for possible leadership position after Zawahiri. This was also in light of the fact that Abdullah was one of the founding and oldest members of Al-Qaeda recruited in the aftermath of the Afghan-Soviet war.

Abdullah was allegedly killed in Iran, in the Pasdaran area of Tehran in October 2020.

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